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Tai Tokerau Maori Trust Board

The Tai Tokerau Maori Trust Board was initially set up to administer funds from surplus lands within the Tai Tokerau boundaries in 1953.

Find out more about the Trust Board, our grants and beneficiary applications, the Consolidated Financial Statement for the year ending 30 June 2018, and how to Contact Us.


Sir Graham Latimer’s Acknowledgement

“Kia hiwa ra, kia hiwa ra
Te Tangi ate manu nei, kuui kuui kuui
Tuia, tuia, tui-tuia
Tuia i runga, tuia i raro, tuia i roto, tuia i waho

Ka rongo te po, ka rongo te ao
I te pu korero i te wananga
Puawhio-rangi, putakataka, te marama, ahunuku te marama
Ahurangi ka takoto koutou i te wa-o-tu
Tu winiwini, tu wanawana, tu i whakaputaiana kite whei aa

Ka tu numia, ka tu rawea
Ka whakaoti nuku
Ka whakaoti rangi
Ko to Manawa ko taku Manawa, ka irihia
Whano, whano, whano mai te toki
Haumi ee, hui ee taiki ee”


The Tai Tokerau Maori Trust Board was initially set up to administer the sum of 57,000 pounds from surplus lands within the Tai Tokerau boundaries in 1953. This was invested in Government stock paying approximately 3% interest.

The function of the Board, as defined in the Maori Trust Boards Act 1955 is to:

“Administer its assets…for the general benefit of it beneficiaries,
And for that purpose …provide money for the benefit or advancement
In life of….beneficiaries”

The Mission Statement issued by the Board is to:

“Use its resources for the maximum social, economic and educational
Advantages of all beneficiaries”

Over years the Board has consolidated their position considerably ensuring conservative management of assets on behalf of its beneficiaries. The Board has slowly reduced debt overall, thereby increasing its equity to around $10m. They continue to strategically plan investments with expert advice.